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2019 FINAL Supplemental Generic Enviromental Impact Statement (FSGEIS)

FINAL Saratoga Lake Aquatic Invasive Species 2019 Long-Term Management Plan 




Here it the 2019 letter sent to homeowners  

Saratoga Lake Treatment Notification Letter



The Governing body which supervises, manages and controls Saratoga Lake and the lands surrounding for a public purpose.


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SLPID - Saratoga Lake Protection and Improvement District

Saratoga lake aquatic weed harvesters

The aquatic weed harvesting program is to allow boating access to the deeper water areas of the lake and not for in shore use.  This is for several reasons
  • New York State Department Of Environmental Conservation Fisheries Manager have requested that harvesting be minimized when ever possible to preserve fish habitat.
  • Operating the harvesters in between the docks is difficult,  this puts the harvesters  at risk as well as private property for damage.
  • Working near shore puts the harvester and operator at risk due to submerged  pipe lines, old dock debris, and the risk of hitting docks or boats is great.  Harvesting is for boating access, only to clear paths.  Areas in front of and in between docks, boats, moored boats, swim docks and shoreline are the land owners responsibility.
  • The harvesters stay away from all personal property.
  • Harvesting in between docks may happen but it has to be limited and  in response to a specific problem and the harvesters are in the area.  In the same way that the fire department would pump out a property that has flooded. 
  • The SLPID board expresses the focus of the harvesting program has to be for access to deep water and cannot for in shore personal use.

 Saratoga Lake Level by USGS navd 1929

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